emergency locksmith

Getting locked out of your home or office is never fun. Problems like keys breaking in the door or locks becoming jammed can happen without warning. To deal with these and other door issues, we provide an emergency locksmith service. At Door On The Go, we want you to be able to get into your home or office whenever you need to. For those times that you can’t, we’re here to help.

Door Lock Replacement

We offer emergency lock replacement across the GTA. Our emergency lock replacement services are done by experienced locksmiths who can install and repair all types of locks. Whether you have an issue with the front door to your home or the lock on your office door, our door lock replacement technicians will fix it.

Emergency Lockout Services

Our locksmiths can let you into your office or home quickly with our emergency lockout services. Like all our emergency services, you can access our team of locksmiths 24/7. Whether you’re coming home after a long day of work and find yourself locked out or trying to get into your office first thing in the morning, our emergency lockout services are available to you. We can also perform key replacements and urgent lock changes. No matter what the situation is, we will get you into your office or home.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Door On The Go works with trained locksmiths who deal with high security locks. Our emergency locksmith service covers everything from the replacement of knobs and deadbolts to on the spot lock changes. We strive to provide the fastest and most efficient emergency locksmith services to our customers because being unable to enter your home or business can ruin anyone’s day or night.

Residential and Commercial Doors

We offer our emergency door lock replacement and locksmith services to commercial and residential customers. As door specialists and locksmiths, we are familiar with every type of door and lock on the market. No matter the style of door – front door, patio, glass, cubicle etc. – if there’s an emergency, we can fix it easily at an affordable price.

30 Minute Arrival

Like the pizza delivery companies of yesteryear used to advertise, we will arrive within 30 minutes of receiving your call. Our door lock replacement technicians will perform repairs, maintenance or replacement services on the spot. To every job, our team brings with them the materials and tools necessary to work on site in the moment to cut down on waiting time. While other companies may assess the damage and then return to their headquarters to pick up tools, we prefer to get right to work. If you live outside of the GTA, we cannot guarantee that we will arrive at your business or home within 30 minutes, but we’ll sure try.

Contact us at 602-585-0612 for any emergency and we’ll send a trained locksmith to you as soon as possible. We are Local Locksmiths Serving All Of The Phoenix Arizona Area